Another happy customer

Due to the sensitive nature of my work, i required a quality CCTV installation to monitor incoming deliveries & collections and to also add additional security to my premises.

I made contact with Matt at Avguys following a recommendation from a neighbour, and all i can say, is i am absolutely thrilled with the work he carried out.

I now have the additional security my business demands, and my expectations we're by far over-met.  I can now access the CCTV from my iPhone, anywhere in the world!

Not only this, but i also received a 10% discount on my insurance due to the additional security upgrades.  

The job was completed within 8

hours, snd looks absolutely amazing.  I wanted it to be discreet, yet noticeable to any potential intruders, and the end result was exactly as i'd have imagined - actually above and beyond what i had in mind.

I'd like to thank Matt at AV Guys, and i am more than happy for Avguys to pass on my contact details as a reference, to validate my testimonial.

Many thanks AV Guys!

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