TV Wall Mounting Herts & Essex

TV Wall mounting seems like an easy task but jump in to fast and you can end up in a whole heap of trouble. The AV Guys have installed over 500 TV screens onto a wide variety or walls....Brick, Plaster Board, Metal, and even Tiled.

Lots of factors need to be taken into consideration when mounting a TV on the wall such as fixings, height, bracket type, weight, power..... The list goes on. The most important and the key factor the AV guys always get right is future proofing your TV wall mount installation.

With technology changing so fast the AV Guys make sure you have all the necessary cables in place to cover you for technology advances in the near or distant future.

We install HDMI Cables now that are 4K compliant, additional cables such as optical leads, HDMI Leads and of course data cables.

So if you are looking for a professional TV wall mounting expert in Herts or Essex then the AV guys are the company for you. We are a local family run business and provide a service that other strive to beat. Call us today for more information 01763 66 22 44

We can also mount your sounder to the wall concealing all the cables and creating that minimalistic modern look

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